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Article: Local connections of excitatory neurons to corticothalamic neurons in the rat barrel cortex.

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Tanaka YR; Tanaka YH; Konno M; Fujiyama F; Sonomura T; Okamoto-Furuta K; Kameda H; Hioki H; Furuta T; Nakamura KC; Kaneko T
J. Neurosci., 2011

Table 1.

Summary of antibodies/reagents/filters used for the detection of retrograde tracers

GFP Cholera toxin B subunit Fluorogold NeuN
Primary antibody
    Host Rabbit Goat Rabbit Mouse
    Concentration 1 μg/ml 1:500 1:500 2 μg/ml
    Source (Nakamura et al., 2008; Tamamaki et al., 2000) List Biology Millipore Millipore
Secondary antibody
    Target Rabbit IgG Goat IgG Rabbit IgG Mouse IgG Mouse IgG
    Host Goat Donkey Goat Goat Donkey
    Label Biotin Cy3 Alexa Fluor 546 Alexa Fluor 647 Cy5
    Concentration 10 μg/ml 10 μg/ml 5 μg/ml 10 μg/ml 10 μg/ml
    Source Vector Jackson ImmunoResearch Laboratories Invitrogen Invitrogen Jackson ImmunoResearch Laboratories
Other reagents Streptavidin
    Label Alexa Fluor 488
    Concentration 5 μg/ml
    Source Invitrogen
Excitation beam 488 nm 543 543 633
Emission filter set 505–530 nm 560–615 nm 560–615 nm >650 nm

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Inferred neuron-electrophysiology data values

Neuron Type Neuron Description Ephys Prop Extracted Value Standardized Value Content Source