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Article: Properties of layer 6 pyramidal neuron apical dendrites.

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Ledergerber D; Larkum ME
J. Neurosci., 2010

Table 2.

Comparison of the dendritic properties of neocortical pyramidal neurons in different lamina

Layer 2/3 Layer 5 Layer 6
Na+ channels Graphic1 Graphic2,3 Graphic
Ca2+ channels Graphic1 Graphic2,3,4,5,6 Graphic
K+ channels (Graphic)1 Graphic7,8 (Graphic)
Active bAPs Graphic1 Graphic2 Graphic
Critical frequency 1209 9810 96
Local Na+ spike Graphic9 Graphic3,11 Graphic
Local Ca2+ spike (Graphic) short9 Graphic2,3,4 Graphic short
Local NMDA spike Graphic (basal)12 Graphic11,13 Graphic
BAC firing Graphic9 Graphic14 Graphic

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