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Article: The leaner P/Q-type calcium channel mutation renders cerebellar Purkinje neurons hyper-excitable and eliminates Ca2+-Na+ spike bursts.

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Ovsepian SV; Friel DD
Eur. J. Neurosci., 2008

Table 2.   Morphometric characteristics of WT and tgla PCs
 nSPA (µm2)WC PA (µm2)MaxW (µm)MaxH (µm)PDL (µm)
  1. MaxW and MaxH, maximal width and height of Purkinje neuron dendritic tree; PDL, the primary dendritic length from the soma to the first bifurcation point; SPA, somatic projected area; WC PA, whole cell projected area. *P < 0.05 compared with WT.

WT13305.1 ± 204470.8 ± 336119.8 ± 6119.6 ± 522.9 ± 2
tgla10245.1 ± 232748.3 ± 310*73.3 ± 5*80.1 ± 6*18.4 ± 3

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