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Article: Distinct roles of GABAergic interneurons in the regulation of striatal output pathways.

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Gittis AH; Nelson AB; Thwin MT; Palop JJ; Kreitzer AC
J. Neurosci., 2010

Table 2.

Probabilities of finding striatal cell types when targeting interneurons in acute brain slices

Lhx6-EGFP D1-D2-XFP Wild type
FS 21/55 22/60 8/83
PLTS 34/55 23/60 8/83
Chol 0/55 10/60 20/83
MSN 0/55 5/60 47/83
  • The Lhx6-EGFP line enables highly efficient targeting of striatal interneurons. All fluorescent neurons targeted in Lhx6-EGFP mice were GABAergic interneurons. In contrast, targeting nonfluorescent neurons in D1-D2-XFP mice yielded GABAergic interneurons 75% of the time. Note that <10% of nonfluorescent neurons in D1-D2-XFP mice were MSNs, suggesting highly efficient labeling of D1- and D2-MSNs by D1-Tmt and D2-GFP fluorescence, respectively. The last column shows the low success rate for targeting GABAergic interneurons using traditional methods in wild-type mice.

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