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Article: Comparison of the electrophysiology and morphology of layers III and II neurons of the rat medial entorhinal cortex in vitro.

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van der Linden S; Lopes da Silva FH
Eur. J. Neurosci., 1998

Table 1Electrophysiological parameters of medial entorhinal cortex layer III pyramidal neurons
Total (n)Spont.active(n)Vr(mV)Ri(MΩ)τ(ms)Spike thres.(mV)Spike peak(mV)Spike amp.(mV)Spikedur.(ms)sAHPamp.(mV)MSL(ms)
All values (except n) are means±S.D. for 52 cells. Total, number of cells recorded; Spont. active, number of cells showing spontaneous spiking; Vr, resting membrane potential (in those cells not showing spontaneous activity: n=22); Ri, apparent input resistance; τ, apparent membrane time constant; Spike thres., spike threshold; Spike peak, spike peak value; Spike amp., spike amplitude; Spike dur., spike duration; sAHP amp., amplitude of slow afterhyperpolarization; MSL, maximal spike latency. See Experimental Procedures for details on measurements.

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