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Article: Differential expression of NMDA and AMPA receptor subunits in rat dorsal and ventral hippocampus.

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Pandis C; Sotiriou E; Kouvaras E; Asprodini E; Papatheodoropoulos C; Angelatou F
Neuroscience, 2006

Table 2Specific [3H]MK-801 (17 nM) binding in VH compared to DH as determined by quantitative autoradiography
RegionDH, fmol/mg tissueVH, fmol/mg tissue
Stratum oriens157±1285±11(*↓ 46%)
Stratum radiatum152±1299±11(*↓ 35%)
Stratum oriens103±973±9(*↓ 29%)
Stratum radiatum99±1175±9(*↓ 24%)
Molecular layer: internal134±10106±12(*↓21%)
Molecular layer: external143±11116±13(*↓19%)
Data are mean±S.E. obtained from six to 10 animals (measurements are derived from at least six sections per animal). Statistically significant differences between VH and DH are indicated as * P<0.05 (paired t-test). Numbers in parentheses indicate the percentage of the lower levels.

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