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Article: Differential expression of NMDA and AMPA receptor subunits in rat dorsal and ventral hippocampus.

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Pandis C; Sotiriou E; Kouvaras E; Asprodini E; Papatheodoropoulos C; Angelatou F
Neuroscience, 2006

Table 4Comparison of the ratios of the NMDA subunit mRNA levels, NR2A:NR2B, NR2A:NR1 and NR2B:NR1 between CA1 region of DH and VH
CA1 regionmRNA level NR2A:NR2BRatio NR2A:NR2BmRNA level NR2A:NR1Ratio NR2A:NR1mRNA level NR2B:NR1Ratio NR2B:NR1
Data represent the mean±S.E.M. values expressed in ROD units of the mRNA levels obtained from seven to 10 animal (measurements are derived from at least six sections per animal). Statistically significant differences between CA1 region of DH and VH are indicated as * P<0.05 for the mRNA ratio of DH vs. VH (ANOVA followed by Scheffe post hoc test). Numbers in parentheses indicate the percentage of differences.

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