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Article: Increased density of M1 receptors in the hippocampus of juvenile rats chronically deprived of NGF.

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Rosati AM; Guarnieri E; Avignone E; Cherubini E; Cattaneo A; Traversa U
Brain Res., 1999

Table 3ACh release
P15–P18 (P2)6.0±0.9 (n=8)3.1±0.7 (n=9)*
P21–P24 (P15)8.3±1.9 (n=5)9.0±1.8 (n=7)
ACh release (pg/mg/min±S.E.M.) from electrically stimulated hippocampal slices from P3U- or αD11-treated rats at P15–P18 (implanted at P2) and P21–P24 (implanted at P15).*Significantly different (P<0.05; t-test).

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