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Article: Modulation of hippocampal synaptic transmission by low concentrations of cell-permeant Ca2+ chelators: effects of Ca2+ affinity, chelator structure and binding kinetics.

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Spigelman I; Tymianski M; Wallace CM; Carlen PL; Velumian AA
Neuroscience, 1996

Table 1Ca2+ affinities and binding rates of the Ca2+ chelators employed in this study
ChelatorKd (nM)*Referenceskon (M−1s−1, ×10−7)References
*Kd=dissociation constant for Ca2+=koff/kon. These Kd values may shift under conditions simulating the neuronal cytoplasm, and as such cannot be considered exact. However, these Kd values illustrate the rank order of calcium affinities of the chelators used in this study, and are presumed to reflect the order of magnitude of the true Ca2+ affinity of the compound.†Based on the kon estimate for fura-2.‡Based on the kon estimate for 4-FAPTRA.

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