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Article: Differential modulatory effects of norepinephrine on synaptically driven responses of layer V barrel field cortical neurons.

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Waterhouse BD; Mouradian R; Sessler FM; Lin RC
Brain Res., 2000

Table 2Effects of adrenergic agonists on the probability of synaptically evoked spiking in different classes of layer V cortical neurons
Probability ofCell type
evoked spikingaRegularMixedIntrinsic
Norepinephrine (NE)Increased671
n=21No change000
Phenylephrine (PE)Increased23
n=8No change00
Combined resultsIncreased8101
n=29No change000
aIncreased >20%, no change ≤20%, decreased >20%. bPE concentration ≥100 μM.

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