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Article: Effects of variations in hippocampal slice preparation protocol on the electrophysiological stability, epileptogenicity and graded hypoxia responses of CA1 neurons.

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Watson PL; Weiner JL; Carlen PL
Brain Res., 1997

Table 1Effect of incubation protocol on the stability of evoked fields in vibratome-cut slices
Orthodromic PS (% control)(n=7)(n=8)(n=8)
30 min100.2±6.5101.4±4.9113.4±9.8a
60 min102.9±7.8101.3±5.4119.3±13.2b
Antidromic PS (% control)(n=7)(n=7)(n=8)
30 min100.6±2.699.2±6.9101.7±9.4
60 min98.9±3.296.7±10.999.0±11.6
Orthodromic field (# PS's)(n=7)(n=8)(n=8)
0 min1.0±0.02.1±0.63.3±0.9
60 min1.0±0.02.1±0.64.1±0.6a
Antidromic field (# PS's)(n=7)(n=7)(n=8)
0 min1.0±0.01.4±0.51.4±0.7
60 min1.0±0.01.4±0.51.8±1.0
Errors represent standard deviation. aSignificant difference with respect to the data collected at 0 min. bSignificant difference with respect to the data collected at 0 min and 30 min.

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