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Article: Extracellular calcium modulates persistent sodium current-dependent burst-firing in hippocampal pyramidal neurons.

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Su H; Alroy G; Kirson ED; Yaari Y
J. Neurosci., 2001

Table 2.

Relation between firing pattern and dye coupling in CA1 PCs perfused with Ca2+-free saline

PC type n Number of dye-coupled clusters Incidence of dye coupling (%)
NB 10 2 20.0
HTB 10 3 30.0
Grade I LTB 9 2 22.2
Grade II LTB 8 2 25.0
Grade III LTB 9 1 11.1
Total 46 10 21.7
  • The biocytin-stained CA1 PCs (n = 46) were grouped according to their firing mode in nominally Ca2+-free saline. For each subset of PCs, the number of dye-coupled clusters observed and the overall incidence of dye coupling are provided. NB, Nonburster; HTB, high-threshold burster; LTB, low-threshold burster.

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