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Article: Morphological and physiological characterization of pyramidal neuron subtypes in rat medial prefrontal cortex.

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van Aerde KI; Feldmeyer D
Cereb. Cortex, 2015

Table 8

Parameters for CA of pyramidal neurons in L2-L6

 Location in cortex (%)
 Field span tuft apical dendrites (μm)
 Field span basal dendrites (μm)
 Vertical span apical dendrites (ending layer)
 Ratio field span apical/basal dendrites
 Total length apical dendrites (μm)
 Total length basal dendrites (μm)
 Ratio length apical/basal dendrites
 Sum length apical + basal dendrites (μm)
 Soma (μm2)
 Number of apical branches
 Number of basal branches
 Total number of branches
 Ratio ISI-1/ISI-9
 Ratio ISI-2/ISI-9
 Ratio ISI-3/ISI-9
 Increase in firing frequency (Hz/100 pA)
 Resting membrane potential (mV)
 Input resistance (MΩ)
 Rheobase (pA)
 Time constant (ms)
 Voltage sag (%)

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