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Article: Physiological characterization of vestibular efferent brainstem neurons using a transgenic mouse model.

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Leijon S; Magnusson AK
PLoS ONE, 2014

10.1371/journal.pone.0098277.t001 Primary antibodies used.
Antibody Target sequence Source Dilution
goat α-ChAT ChAT isoform 2 Chemicon (Millipore) Cat no. AB1440 1∶200-1∶100
rabbit α-GFP-AlexaFluor488 Invitrogen Cat no. A-21311 1∶500
rabbit α-Kv4.2 Intracellular C-terminus of rat Kv4.2 Alomone Cat no. APC-023 1∶400-1∶100
rabbit α-Kv4.3 Intracellular C-terminus of human Kv4.3 Alomone Cat no. APC-017 1∶400-1∶100

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