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Article: Cerebellar globular cells receive monoaminergic excitation and monosynaptic inhibition from Purkinje cells.

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Hirono M; Saitow F; Kudo M; Suzuki H; Yanagawa Y; Yamada M; Nagao S; Konishi S; Obata K
PLoS ONE, 2012

10.1371/journal.pone.0029663.t001 Morphological properties of small inhibitory interneurons.
s-GoC sf-LC GlC
No. of primary processes from soma 6.5±0.4 3.1±0.1 4.8±0.1 s-GoC>GlC>sf-LC
No. of branch points (≤50 µm from soma) 6.0±0.5 0.50±0.17 0.75±0.18 s-GoC>sf-LC≈GlC
No. of primary processes entering the ML 3.0±0.1 0.70±0.20 1.3±0.2 s-GoC>sf-LC≈GlC
Size (µm2) 174±15 119±9 79±4 s-GoC>sf-LC>GlC
GA/SA 1.09±0.02 1.83±0.11 1.38±0.04 s-GoC<GlC<sf-LC
Length of initial branch points from soma (µm) 18.4±1.0 24.0±2.0 23.2±2.6 s-GoC≈sf-LC≈GlC

S-GoC: small Golgi cell; sf-LC: small fusiform Lugaro cell; GlC: globular cell. Morphological data were taken from the best preserved small inhibitory interneurons infused with fluorescent dye (s-GoC: n = 14, sf-LC: n = 10, GlC: n = 26). The deformation was estimated by GA/SA. GA: great axis of soma (µm), SA: small axis of soma (µm). Statistical significance was examined using one-way ANOVA with Tukey's post test. > or < indicates statistically significant differences; ≈ indicates no significant difference.

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