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Article: Distinct physiological and developmental properties of hippocampal CA2 subfield revealed by using anti-Purkinje cell protein 4 (PCP4) immunostaining.

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San Antonio A; Liban K; Ikrar T; Tsyganovskiy E; Xu X
J. Comp. Neurol., 2014

Table 1. Animals Used for Different Types of Experiments
Types of experimentsAnimal strainAnimal ageNo. of animals used
PCP4 immunostaining in mature miceC57/B66-8 weeks old6
Calcium binding protein (PV, CR, CB) immunostaining in mature miceC57/B66-8 weeks old3
PCP4 immunostaining in transgenic miceCalb2-Cre:tdTomato double transgenic4-5 weeks old3
Developmental examination of PCP4 immunostainingC57/B6P1-2, P4-5, P6-7, P10-15, P21-253, 4, 5, 5, 4
Electrophysiological experimentsC57/B6P1-7, P15-1815, 25

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