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Article: Parvalbumin+ Neurons and Npas1+ Neurons Are Distinct Neuron Classes in the Mouse External Globus Pallidus.

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Hernández VM; Hegeman DJ; Cui Q; Kelver DA; Fiske MP; Glajch KE; Pitt JE; Huang TY; Justice NJ; Chan CS
J. Neurosci., 2015

Table 1.

Primary antibodies used in this study

Antigen Host species Clonality Source Catalog no. Dilution Working concentration
Fluorogold Rabbit Polyclonal Millipore Ab153-I 1:500 2 μg/ml
Foxp2 Mouse Monoclonal Millipore MABE415 1:500 1 μg/ml
Foxp2 Rabbit Polyclonal Millipore ABE73 1:500
Foxp2 Rabbit Polyclonal Sigma HPA000382 1:500
GFP Chicken Polyclonal Abcam ab13970 1:1000 10 μg/ml
HuCD Mouse Monoclonal Life Technologies A21271 1:1000 1 μg/ml
Kv4.2 Mouse Monoclonal Neuromab 75-016 1:1000
Kv4.3 Mouse Monoclonal Neuromab 75-017 1:1000
Kv4.3 Rabbit Polyclonal Alomone APC-017 1:1000 0.8 μg/ml
NeuN Mouse Monoclonal Millipore MAB377 1:1000 1 μg/ml
NeuN Rabbit Polyclonal Biosensis R-3770-100 1:1000
Npas1* Guinea pig Polyclonal This study 1:10000
Npas1* Rabbit Polyclonal This study 1:500
Npas1 Rabbit Polyclonal Laboratory of McKnight 1:500
PV Mouse Monoclonal Sigma P3088 1:500 10 μg/ml
PV Rabbit Polyclonal Swant PV 25 1:1000
RFP Rabbit Polyclonal Clontech 632496 1:500 1 μg/ml
tdTomato Rat Monoclonal Kerafast EST203 1:500 3.5 μg/ml
  • *Novel antibodies targeting mouse Npas1 protein (NP_032744.1). Target sequence: GLPYPGPTGTRVQRKGD (amino acids 578-594).

  • Erbel-Sieler et al., 2004.

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Inferred neuron-electrophysiology data values

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