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Article: Interneurons in area CA1 stratum radiatum and stratum oriens remain functionally connected to excitatory synaptic input in chronically epileptic animals.

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Rempe DA; Bertram EH; Williamson JM; Lothman EW
J. Neurophysiol., 1997

Table 1.

Number of neurons, slices, and animals in study

Neuron Type and Location Group No. of Cells No. of Slices No. of Animals
InterneuronsStratum Radiatum-L/M Control 35 34 31
post-SSLSE 27 26 20
Stratum oriens Control 19 19 16
post-SSLSE 13 13 10
Pyramidal cellsStratum pyramidale Control 20 19 18
post-SSLSE 12 12 12
  • Control group consists of both naive tissue and electrode control (EC). EC data was only collected in stratum radiatum-lacunosum moleculare (L/M) interneurons. SSLSE, self-sustaining limbic status epilepticus.

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