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Olfactory bulb (main) mitral cell (Definition)

Electrophysiological properties of Olfactory bulb (main) mitral cells from literature:

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Articles with extracted electrophysiology properties:

Article Title Authors Journal Year Electrophys values Neuron types
Opposing inward and outward conductances regulate rebound discharges in olfactory mitral cells. (NeuroElectro data) (PubMed) Balu R; Strowbridge BW J. Neurophysiol. 2007 1 1
Muscarinic receptor activation modulates granule cell excitability and potentiates inhibition onto mitral cells in the rat olfactory bulb. (NeuroElectro data) (PubMed) Pressler RT; Inoue T; Strowbridge BW J. Neurosci. 2007 2 1
Direct excitation of mitral cells via activation of alpha1-noradrenergic receptors in rat olfactory bulb slices. (NeuroElectro data) (PubMed) Hayar A; Heyward PM; Heinbockel T; Shipley MT; Ennis M J. Neurophysiol. 2001 1 1
Membrane and synaptic properties of mitral cells in slices of rat olfactory bulb. (NeuroElectro data) (PubMed) Chen WR; Shepherd GM Brain Res. 1997 2 1
Both electrical and chemical synapses mediate fast network oscillations in the olfactory bulb. (NeuroElectro data) (PubMed) Friedman D; Strowbridge BW J. Neurophysiol. 2003 1 1
Tonic and synaptically evoked presynaptic inhibition of sensory input to the rat olfactory bulb via GABA(B) heteroreceptors. (NeuroElectro data) (PubMed) Aroniadou-Anderjaska V; Zhou FM; Priest CA; Ennis M; Shipley MT J. Neurophysiol. 2000 1 1
Respiration drives network activity and modulates synaptic and circuit processing of lateral inhibition in the olfactory bulb. (NeuroElectro data) (PubMed) Phillips ME; Sachdev RN; Willhite DC; Shepherd GM J. Neurosci. 2012 8 4
In vivo whole-cell recording of odor-evoked synaptic transmission in the rat olfactory bulb. (NeuroElectro data) (PubMed) Cang J; Isaacson JS J. Neurosci. 2003 6 2
Membrane bistability in olfactory bulb mitral cells. (NeuroElectro data) (PubMed) Heyward P; Ennis M; Keller A; Shipley MT J. Neurosci. 2001 3 1
Control of action potential timing by intrinsic subthreshold oscillations in olfactory bulb output neurons. (NeuroElectro data) (PubMed) Desmaisons D; Vincent JD; Lledo PM J. Neurosci. 1999 4 1
Glutamatergic transmission and plasticity between olfactory bulb mitral cells. (NeuroElectro data) (PubMed) Pimentel DO; Margrie TW J. Physiol. (Lond.) 2008 2 1
Action potential propagation into the presynaptic dendrites of rat mitral cells. (NeuroElectro data) (PubMed) Bischofberger J; Jonas P J. Physiol. (Lond.) 1997 4 1
Two distinct channels of olfactory bulb output. (NeuroElectro data) (PubMed) Fukunaga I; Berning M; Kollo M; Schmaltz A; Schaefer AT Neuron 2012 1 1
Synaptic inhibition in the olfactory bulb accelerates odor discrimination in mice. (NeuroElectro data) (PubMed) Abraham NM; Egger V; Shimshek DR; Renden R; Fukunaga I; Sprengel R; Seeburg PH; Klugmann M; Margrie TW; Schaefer AT; Kuner T Neuron 2010 3 2
Connexin36 mediates spike synchrony in olfactory bulb glomeruli. (NeuroElectro data) (PubMed) Christie JM; Bark C; Hormuzdi SG; Helbig I; Monyer H; Westbrook GL Neuron 2005 1 1
Distinct intrinsic membrane properties determine differential information processing between main and accessory olfactory bulb mitral cells. (NeuroElectro data) (PubMed) Zibman S; Shpak G; Wagner S Neuroscience 2011 2 1
Olfactory reciprocal synapses: dendritic signaling in the CNS. (NeuroElectro data) (PubMed) Isaacson JS; Strowbridge BW Neuron 1998 1 1
Age-dependent adrenergic actions in the main olfactory bulb that could underlie an olfactory-sensitive period. (NeuroElectro data) (PubMed) Pandipati S; Schoppa NE J. Neurophysiol. 2012 1 1
Population diversity and function of hyperpolarization-activated current in olfactory bulb mitral cells. (NeuroElectro data) (PubMed) Angelo K; Margrie TW Sci Rep 2011 1 1
GABA(B) receptor-mediated inhibition of mitral/tufted cell activity in the rat olfactory bulb: a whole-cell patch-clamp study in vitro. (NeuroElectro data) (PubMed) Palouzier-Paulignan B; Duchamp-Viret P; Hardy AB; Duchamp A Neuroscience 2002 2 1
Calcium-activated sustained firing responses distinguish accessory from main olfactory bulb mitral cells. (NeuroElectro data) (PubMed) Shpak G; Zylbertal A; Yarom Y; Wagner S J. Neurosci. 2012 2 1
A simple method of in vitro electroporation allows visualization, recording, and calcium imaging of local neuronal circuits. (NeuroElectro data) (PubMed) Hovis KR; Padmanabhan K; Urban NN J. Neurosci. Methods 2010 2 1
Greater excitability and firing irregularity of tufted cells underlies distinct afferent-evoked activity of olfactory bulb mitral and tufted cells. (NeuroElectro data) (PubMed) Burton SD; Urban NN J. Physiol. (Lond.) 2014 10 2
Postnatal development attunes olfactory bulb mitral cells to high-frequency signaling. (NeuroElectro data) (PubMed) Yu Y; Burton SD; Tripathy SJ; Urban NN J. Neurophysiol. 2015 13 1

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