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Article: Free Fatty Acid Effects on the Atrial Myocardium: Membrane Ionic Currents Are Remodeled by the Disruption of T-Tubular Architecture.

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O'Connell RP; Musa H; Gomez MS; Avula UM; Herron TJ; Kalifa J; Anumonwo JM
PLoS ONE, 2015

Metadata values

Experimental condition Value
Species Other
ElectrodeType Patch-clamp
PrepType cell culture
JxnPotential Unreported
AnimalWeight 300000.0
RecTemp 22.0 - 24.0
internal_0_pH 7.2
internal_0_Mg 5.0
internal_0_Na 0.4
internal_0_Cl 140.0
InternalSolution 5.0
external_0_pH 7.4
external_0_Mg 1.0
external_0_Ca 1.0
external_0_Na 148.4
external_0_Cl 157.4
external_0_K 5.4
ExternalSolution 5.0