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Article: Activation of Pyramidal Neurons in Mouse Medial Prefrontal Cortex Enhances Food-Seeking Behavior While Reducing Impulsivity in the Absence of an Effect on Food Intake.

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Warthen DM; Lambeth PS; Ottolini M; Shi Y; Barker BS; Gaykema RP; Newmyer BA; Joy-Gaba J; Ohmura Y; Perez-Reyes E; G├╝ler AD; Patel MK; Scott MM
Front Behav Neurosci, 2016

Metadata values

Experimental condition Value
ElectrodeType Patch-clamp
RecTemp 32.0
PrepType in vitro
InternalSolution 5.0
ExternalSolution 5.0
Species Mice
AnimalAge 63.0
JxnPotential Unreported
Strain Mouse, Transgenic
internal_0_pH 7.2
internal_0_Mg 2.0
internal_0_Na 18.3
internal_0_K 121.0
internal_0_GTP 0.3
internal_0_ATP 4.0
internal_0_EGTA 0.5
internal_0_HEPES 10.0
internal_0_Cl 14.0
external_0_Mg 1.0
external_0_Na 151.25
external_0_K 2.5
external_0_Cl 133.5
external_0_Ca 2.0
external_0_glucose 10.0