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Article: Electrophysiological changes of CA3 neurons and dentate granule cells following transient forebrain ischemia.

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Howard EM; Gao TM; Pulsinelli WA; Xu ZC
Brain Res., 1998

Table 2Electrophysiological properties of DG neurons before and after ischemia
RepefusionRMP (mV)Spike Height (mV)Spike width (ms)Input resistance (MΩ)Time constant (ms)Spontaneous firing (spike/s)
Before−75.58±6.58 (n=19)83.4±9.61 (n=19)0.834±0.138 (n=19)31.63±10.46 (n=15)9.32±5.79 (n=13)0.131±0.186 (n=18)
∼2.0 h after−69.9±4.57a (n=13)75.5±6.48 (n=13)b0.892±0.241 (n=13)29.15±4.72 (n=11)10.41±5.95 (n=11)0.023±0.070 (n=13)
∼4.5 h after−72.5±5.89 (n=15)79.6±9.95 (n=15)0.821±0.112 (n=15)32.35±9.10 (n=12)10.86±5.93 (n=12)0.143±0.224 (n=15)
∼7.5 h after−76.2±2.44 (n=9)83.7±8.77 (n=9)0.808±0.143 (n=9)32.81±7.86 (n=8)10.98±4.11 (n=8)0.011±0.033 (n=9)
∼11 h after−72.4±4.32 (n=12)79.5±6.57 (n=12)0.807±0.106 (n=12)36.57±17.08 (n=9)9.17±4.56 (n=9)0.00±0.00b (n=11)
RMP: resting membrane potential.n: number of cells.Values are means±S.D.aANOVA P<0.01.bANOVA P<0.05.Spike height is measured from the resting membrane potential.Spike width is measured at 50% of the action potential amplitude.Input resistance is derived from the linear portion of the I–V curve (0∼−5 nA).Time constant is derived from transients of hyperpolarizing pulses (−0.3 nA, 200 ms).

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Inferred neuron-electrophysiology data values

Neuron Type Neuron Description Ephys Prop Extracted Value Standardized Value Content Source
Dentate gyrus granule cell spike amplitude from resting (mV) 83.4 ± 9.61 (19) 83.4 (mV) Data Table
Dentate gyrus granule cell spike half-width (ms) 0.834 ± 0.138 (19) 0.834 (ms) Data Table
Dentate gyrus granule cell input resistance (MΩ) 31.63 ± 10.46 (15) 31.63 (MΩ) Data Table
Dentate gyrus granule cell membrane time constant (ms) 9.32 ± 5.79 (13) 9.32 (ms) Data Table
Dentate gyrus granule cell spontaneous firing rate 0.131 ± 0.186 (18) 0.131 (Hz) Data Table
Dentate gyrus granule cell resting membrane potential (mV) -75.58 ± 6.58 (19) -75.58 (mV) Data Table